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Lemon forest - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide

Lemon forest

It is worth walking in the famous Lemon forest among thousands of trees that  will enchant you with their magical scent. Located on the coast of the Peloponnese southeast of Galatas on a wooded hill.

To visit take the boat from Poros to Plaka, route about 10 minutes and from there walk to the Lemon Grove, which has been declared a protected area by the European Union.

Temple of Poseidon

For someone going to the Temple of Poseidon, the path starts from the Settlement, passes from Virgin in Vrysoula, continues to Prophet Elias, arrives to St. Eustace and from there to the Palaces where is the Temple of Poseidon, which is Doric of 6th century BC.
There it is said committed suicide with poison the orator Demosthenes 322p.Ch.

The sanctuary was excavated by the Swedish archaeologists Samuel Wide and Lennart Kjellberg in 1894 and is the first Swedish excavation in Greece.
To date archaeological findings place the first use of space in early Hellenic era, perhaps even the Neolithic period. Still used in Mycenaean, Geometric and Archaic period.

City - Russian Dockyard - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide

City - Russian Dockyard

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