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Aponisos - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide


Aponisos is located in the southwest side of Agistri west from Limenaria. The island is private and located in a beautiful setting. Visitors can come by car, motorcycle, or local buses serving a bus which runs summer routes from 8 am to 7 pm. The route of 6 km from the port of Scala until Aponisos island quickly compensates the visitor as it is a beautiful pine path.

Aponisos although it has no facilities is in principle favorite point as it gives the opportunity for passengers of vessels to enjoy good food in the tavern at the entrance of the island and relax on the sun loungers by the swimming.

The color of the sea is turquoise, reminiscent of tropical island, while the surrounding area is green from the pines.

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Pine forest - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide

Pine forest

The island has a dense pine forest, ideal for hikers as well as routes that can be done by motorbike or bicycle from the stairs up to Limenaria and the Aponisos beach.

Also by boat you can visit the surrounding islands Metopi, Kyra, Dorousa and Spalathronisi and enjoy swimming.
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