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Bouboulina Museum - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide

Bouboulina Museum

Located behind Dapia in a magnificent mansion. Inside we find great quality stuff and Byzantine icons and weapons of various eras. The visitation area on the first floor consists of four large rooms. The main hall, the dining room, the reception room and the room with the fireplace.

Tel. 2298072416

Spetses Museum - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide

Spetses Museum

The museum is housed in the landmark historic 18th century mansion of Chatzigiannis Mexis, a powerful notable during the Greek War of Independence. The museum presents the island's historical, folklore and archaeological collections. The historical exhibition presents the struggle of the Spetsiotes, especially the heroine Bouboulina, during the Revolution of 1821.

Tel. 2298072994

Tickets: Full: €3, Reduced: €2


Foundation of Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses

Founded by national benefactors and donors Sotirios Anargyros and Korgialenios Marinos.
It was standard public school and exemplary internship. The operation was stopped in 1983 when it stopped working as a school, and is since then working as Convention Center, hosting international conferences and major events.
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