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Hydra Mitropolis - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide

Hydra Mitropolis

Located in the center of the harbor and founded in 1648. Impressive are the two marble spiers and the rich interior decoration. In the courtyard there are the busts of Lazarus Kountourioti, Andreas Miaoulis, King George I and Antonis Lignos.
Hydra Mansions - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide

Hydra Mansions

Are built before 1800 and are luxurious inside. Of these stand out Miaouli mansion used as a museum, which houses Tompazis Annex of Fine Arts, Kriezis which houses the nursing home, the Bountouri and Tsamados where works the Merchant Marine School.

Lazaros Koundouriotis Mansion (National Historical Museum)

Andreas Miaoulis Statue - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide

Andreas Miaoulis Statue

The bronze statue of the hero of the Greek revolution dominates the left side of the Hydra harbor.
DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art - Argo Saronic islands turistic guide
DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art
The institution was founded in Geneva in 1983 by the collector Dakis Ιoannou.
Since then, the Deste Foundation organizes exhibitions and supports projects and publications internationally.
Since 2009, the building of Slaughterhouses serves as a place of Deste, where every summer the Foundation hosts a number of contemporary art exhibitions.
Every year several people of international and domestic art world visit these exhibitions.
The mansion of Lazaros Kountouriotis

The Historical House Lazarus Kountourioti Hydra, Annex to National Historical Museum,
is open to the public daily from March 25 until the end of October, hours 10.00 - 14.00. June-August 18.00 - 21.00

Tel. 22980 52421

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